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the 24-year-old addiction to cannabis vaping; The unbelievable story of author Graham Hancock

the 24-year-old addiction to cannabis vaping; The unbelievable story of author Graham Hancock

the 24-year-old addiction to cannabis vaping; The unbelievable story of author Graham Hancock

Grahamwrote his bestselling books while steaming cannabis inflorescence – around the clock, as he stated in the idea. His useof cannabiscontinued for 24 years, 16 hours a day, all whilewriting books. After his immediate surroundings detected a change for the worse in his behavior, Graham received a chilling message from the world beyond. A message that changed his life completely.

Based on a real case: like any ingredient or plant – natural or artificial that can cause addiction, among other things the most popular drug in the world is sugar and nicotine, which is considered the most addictive of them. The question is what is the source of the addiction problem?, who is to blame and how habits break down. In the following article, we will detail the rather unique process that author Graham Hancock went through during his struggle with his long-standing addiction. And the serious upheaval that led to a change in his life. A significant and sharp change – not even gradual, that happened overnight.

The following article is a translation of a lecture: "Graham Hancock discusses the battle for hearts and minds" held at TEDx and posted on YouTube. Here we begin:

Graham: Look, I have some personal experience with it (habit and addiction). I didn't get addicted to heroin or cocaine but I had a habit of cannabis, non-stop for 24 years. It started with smoking the plant and vaping it naturally, but the basic truth is, for 24 years I was high all the time," he says.

How did Graham manage this longstanding addiction? In fact, he wasn't exactly trying to deal with her. Rather, he received a message from a surprising source, in a direct and astonishing way. Sometimes the message and experience are not the most sympathetic, to say the least. In fact, this is what happens when the truth is laid out before us. Sometimes it is not very convenient for us and not easy to digest. And that's exactly what our ego fears – getting out of our shell, out of our comfort zone. Therefore, Graham's experience is frightening and shocking.

" Ayahuasca tea started messaging me"

"But, when I first met ayahuasca, I had been smoking cannabis for 16 years. And almost immediately, ayahuasca began to send me messages that my use of the cannabis plant no longer serves me. That the excessive use of the plant leads me to behave in negative and improper ways towards others. Of course, I ignored those messages for years and years and went back to being high 16 hours a day," Graham describes.

"It is the sovereign right of every adult to decide whether to use cannabis." — Graham Hancock

It is the sovereign right of every adult to decide whether to use cannabis, but this negative behavior that ayahuasca pointed out did get worse. I do not want to devalue cannabis, and I believe that it is the sovereign right of every adult to decide whether to use cannabis. If he is interested.

"I abused the plant (cannabis), did not use it responsibly, became more and more paranoid, jealous, possessive, suspicious, subjected to irrational rage, often caused grief in the life of my beloved partner, Santha."

I got the kick from Mama Ayahuasca

When I arrived at one of my regular ayahuasca (ritual) sessions, in October 2011 in the Amazon rainforest, I got the most unbelievable kick from "Mama Ayahuesca." I passed a test, it was a kind of review of my life. It is no coincidence that ayahuasca received the nickname 'Vine of the Dead'.

Show me my death, and show me (what will happen) if I die, and what awaits us after death, what awaits me without me correcting the mistakes I have made in my life. That my situation would be very bad – and actually, Mother Ihuasca literally took me to hell, and that hell would look a bit like that "hell" painted by the artist Hieronymus Bosch.

Follower of Hieronymus Bosch, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

A truly terrible place and a bit like the place that the ancient Egyptians called the "judgment hall of Osiris," where our souls are weighed at stake, against the feather of truth and justice of cosmic harmony .

gave up the use of cannabis; Following drinking a visionary infusion

And they showed me that the path I was on, my cannabis abuse and related behavior, would lead me to wait for judgment, and that I might face annihilation in a world beyond death.

Then, perhaps not surprisingly, when I returned to England later in October 2011, I gave up using cannabis and since then, I have not smoked it again.

Again, I speak only personally, without hinting or commenting on others' use of cannabis. It feels like a monkey was lifted off my back. I'm liberated in amazing ways, my creativity hasn't been affected, I find myself writing much more productive, much more creative, much more focused, and also much more efficient," Graham argues.

The power of the soul makes it possible to transcend the brain's desires and habits

Graham goes on to say: I began to be able to relate to the same negative aspects of my behavior that cannabis revealed. And hoping to change myself, little by little—and it's been a long progress—I became a more empathetic, more loving, more positive person. And all this change—really, was a personal transformation for me, and it was made possible by this encounter with death, which Mother Ayahuasca handed to me.

The mystery, the question of questions, man's journey on the material level

This leads me to ask what is death? Our materialistic science reduces everything to matter, material science in the West says we are only meat. We are just our bodies. So when the mind dies, it is the end of consciousness, there is no life after death, no soul; We just rot and disappear. In fact, many decent scientists admit that consciousness is the greatest mystery to science. And that we don't know exactly how it works.

>>> we reached the end of the translation.

One plant affected a person's relationship with another – for the better.

What actually happened here? Plant A (ayahuasca) – made a person deal most effectively with a problem he encountered with plant B (cannabis addiction) – the same cannabis that initially played a role in writing his bestsellers.

If it's not a world full of magic then what is it? Triple parabola? It can be ignored, but it will not go away, it has happened and it is happening and it is not yet explained by the same guys who "lead" the "wisdom of humanity" or – in other words the scientific community.

Many people struggle with addictions sometimes without success. In this case, you can see an inexplicable process for science, messages that come from outside the human brain and change its behavior. The local shamans call her the spirit of the plant, and she is feminine. They argue that plant spirits guide them on how to deal with disease, what the weather will be like in the coming year—and also what lies billions of light-years away.

One shaman claimed, "Fungi allow me to navigate space, among other layers." You see, speed and distance don't exactly work normally in the special trance mode you enter to communicate and extract very valuable information. And the speed of light becomes nonsense. The human brain transcends this.

mysterious voice coming from the plant; Messages and valuable knowledge that comes from a natural source

That voice, it speaks our language, a kind of universal language that is already built into us, all life understands it – no matter what local language you speak. But the message is more than clear, because... We see the message with our own eyes and experience it. This is not a message written on paper and must be repeated and recited in order to remember it – in order to assimilate the same information, from a source, which is usually unreliable and far from natural.

People who have experienced ayahuasca almost all have reported the same experience of a "transcendent being" or "female voice" or "nature itself", "spirit of nature", "spiritual guide" and strangely the descriptions of people, from all over the world, are repeated. People from around the world report similar visions, you see, something speaks to us personally, gives us valuable information, to preserve our lives and grow our awareness of our behavior and attitude towards others. It's a personal concern for you, a plant concern.

This is a force that cares for us, for me and for you and for the Earth, for this ecosystem, this planet is like a living being with consciousness, and this pure force will continue to care for the planet – even if we stop caring for it and start neglecting it – as has been the case for the past few centuries.

When we have no control over our minds, it is the most powerful expression possible, that freedom does not exist

Now, as you can see, he is a completely normative person – a writer, researcher, lecturer and historian, who has worked most of his career efficiently and successfully while being in a different state of consciousness that the cannabis plant induces. At the same time, he reiterated that he is not against the plant – he blames himself for irresponsible behavior, disrespectful use of the plant, which demands more respect, for its abilities and advantages on a personal level and for mankind as a whole.

First of all, Graham Hancock mentions that he believes that all plants should be free, and that no government or state should and cannot interfere with my consciousness and yours. When we have no control over our minds, it is the most powerful expression possible, that freedom does not exist. This indicates a complete loss of temper that led to a war on the plant. It sounds so lame, really—trying to eradicate a certain plant, just eliminating it from the planet. And that prohibition, the current system that has lasted for decades, is what is causing what is happening now.

Many countries in the world have already identified the problem, even the World Health Organization has determined that the war on plants has failed

Their "concern" for the public, expressed through prohibitions, is what raises crime and addiction, and that's a fact. Many countries in the world have already identified the problem, even the World Health Organization has determined that the war on plants has failed and recommended that countries around the world change the law and attitude towards the cannabis plant, and even recommended completely abolishing the decriminalization of all drugs, and plants – because they recognized that the method does not work, there are statistics, there are facts that you can see. After all, we've seen, we've checked, people have died for decades because of this nonsense – still not clear? That the method doesn't work.

Concluding words: do not go to wars with plants to deal with problems in human psychology

The conclusion is that we need to look at ourselves, relax, and not go to war with plants. The war on addiction is between you and yourself. The plants do not attack, do not even move, do not pollute – they have a purpose in nature, a purpose that has nothing to do with you (humans) – and if it does have to do with man – then it is a medicinal plant, which helps you, free of charge. It's time to break stigmas, restart, think and delve into ourselves. "I'm fine, it's the plant's fault"...

In the next article on Graham Hancock's journey, we'll take a look at his appearance on Joe Rogan's most-watched podcast show , with 13 million views, "The Joe Rogan Experience."


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