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coconut bowls; Eco-friendly replacement for kitchenware

The popularity of coconut bowls is gaining momentum. The way they are made, look and feel are all completely unique. Anyone who has eaten from one knows the feeling of coconut bowls – the feeling of being completely in touch with nature and your food. So what actually makes them so special? And where to get them? They are made from recycled waste products (coconut shells). The coconut bowls are

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8 Amazing and Surprising Facts About Cannabis Sativa (Hemp)

Along with the many benefits and uses that can be made of it, hemp or "hemp" is a bit deceptive, especially due to its similar appearance to a plant and a certain psychoactive substance that we are all familiar with. Therefore, in order to clarify things about this unique and versatile plant, we have compiled some fascinating facts about it. 1. Hemp can reduce deforestation, another major global problem

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A stronger, more lasting orgasm? Plants that will make sex more enjoyable

Here are herbs that can improve and intensify your sex life; Beyond a few techniques and sex poses. There are also plants that are readily available – which are a gift from nature for precisely these purposes. For example, experts recommend a daily dose of ashwagandha extract and not only, for a month, regularly to ensure maximum sexual pleasure for women. One of the main aspects of the subject

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Benefits of African Red Tea: Rooibos

Tea has the ability to cure headaches, insomnia, asthma, eczema, bone weakness, hypertension, allergies, premature aging. This tea is decaffeinated. Drinking red tea can further relieve severe stomach cramps and boost the immune system.

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