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green vacation; Hostels produce 75% less carbon emissions than hotels

green vacation; Hostels produce 75% less carbon emissions than hotels

green vacation; Hostels produce 75% less carbon emissions than hotels

Have you ever thought about the environment when booking a vacation? It turns out that 53% of HostelWorld customers say sustainability plays a role in their decision about where they choose to go for vacation and how they get there. And 82% believe hostels are more sustainable than any other type of accommodation.

Sustainabletravel means finding a way to preserve tourism for the long term, while avoiding damage to the natural environment, valuing the environment and preserving natural resources. Such a trip should minimize the negative effects of tourism and benefit the region in which it takes place. Travelers need to be more aware of the levels of pollution caused by travel and how their holiday impacts the environment.

hostel in front of hotel; Green initiatives in the field of recreation

A new report, published by leading sustainability and compliance expert Bureau Veritas, found that hostels have three-quarters less carbon (tCO₂e) than hotels. The study, titled "Understanding the Carbon Impact of Hostels vs. Hotels," was conducted in collaboration with Hostelworld. Spread across a selection of hotels and hostels in Europe, this is the first surgery of its kind performed in the field.

The shorter the distance from home we travel, the lower our "carbon footprint" will be. But if you're looking to travel further, you have to take into account that some destinations are more sustainable than others. To that end, Hostelworld is working on a mechanism to locate sustainable hostels so you can plan your next trip more intelligently.

Hostel World

HostelWorld has reached its first milestone and is now a Climate Neutral Verified Company. Which means they followed the guidelines to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while compensating for the rest of the emissions.

"More than half of our partner hostels are working on sustainability."

56% of hostels surveyed by the company are already working on sustainability initiatives and another 37% are interested in getting involved. HostelWorld is working with partners to enroll them in the GTPI initiative and guide them in reducing plastic use.

The GTPI is the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative that unites the tourism sector behind the shared vision of addressing the root causes of plastic pollution in the environment.

"We took a number of assessments that helped us identify our current environmental impact and our vision of sustainability and future goals. We then mapped them to the UN Global Net Zero Emissions Roadmap, which aims to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible by 2050." The company said.

To reach these goals, HostelWorld is working with experts from climate solutions provider and leading project developer South Pole. The company aims to implement ambitious climate actions by measuring, reducing and offsetting carbon emissions. A key milestone on the road to net zero emissions is becoming Climate Neutral, achieved by balancing all of society's inevitable emissions by decarbonizing projects that avoid emissions or remove them from the atmosphere.

Environmental compensation projects

As part of HostelWorld's work with South Pole, they compensate for their inevitable emissions by decarbonizing two impactful climate projects. These projects help restore some of our planet's most diverse ecosystems.

Forest protection project in the southern Amazon

The South Amazon Forest Protection Forest project protects one of the world's most biodiverse areas. It protects a huge section of the Amazon rainforest from deforestation and significantly boosts overall conservation efforts in Brazil. The project ensures sustainable tree harvesting, increased surveillance and reduction of social and environmental impacts in the part of the rainforest it protects.

Brazil Forest Conservation Project

Envira is a Brazilian forest conservation project that works to prevent logging in the Amazon basin. It aims to reduce carbon emissions by preserving 39,300 hectares of forests that were previously zoned for logging to be used as farmland.

Recommendations for eco-friendly hostels

HostelWorldis working on a new platform that will allow you to find sustainable accommodation wherever you are. Until then, why not check out the amazinghostelsshortlisted forHOSCAR's2022 Eco-Warrior and Community Champions Awards? These are great placesto start.

For more information on the environmental data measured – and how hostels overtook hotels in environmental protection – you can see the full report here.


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