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Pollution and Environmental Hazard Department

Mysteriously: egg turned pink – authorities warn 'keep their distance'

Mysteriously: an egg turned pink – authorities warned to "keep their distance": an egg in Australia has turned pink and no one knows why. Authorities are concerned about pollution, but an environmental scientist believes the color is due to natural algal blooms. The public has been asked to stay away from the water until the phenomenon is clarified. Maariv Online.

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'In a race against the clock': Greenland struggles to cope with climate crisis

Melting glaciers, fear of lack of water and food. Greenlanders are worried about the consequences of the climate crisis. "You usually only hear about global warming, but here you can actually see it happening before your eyes," said an island researcher. "We need to wake up and take this seriously because what is happening in Greenland is the key to disrupting the global water cycle."

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Pollution, SUVs and construction threaten the fragments of nature that have survived on the outskirts of cities

The incessant expansion of development and construction is disintegrating Israeli nature in many areas into small pieces. The future of these small pieces of nature, cut off and surrounded on all sides by further development threats, is uncertain and a struggle must be waged for their existence. Collecting and preserving these fragments of nature is an important task even when it comes to areas whose scope is no larger, in some cases, than tens of dunams or even less.

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El Niño will hit hard: temperature records expected in 2024

Researchers from China found that the chance of next year being the hottest on record is 56%. Researchers warn that the devastating consequences of a powerful El Niño event will greatly increase the likelihood of record-breaking temperatures and more extreme heat waves in many parts of the world.

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Defeat for environmental activists: plan for Carmit compound in Ein Kerem approved

Defeat for environmental activists: The plan for the Carmit compound in Ein Kerem was approved. Despite a long struggle by the green organizations and nearby residents, the significant construction project between Ein Kerem and Kiryat Yovel was implemented. The 'consolation': the height of construction has been cut to 10 floors, and 35 dunams will be expropriated for the benefit of the public. Myint Jerusalem.

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Ashdod refinery caused air pollution: expected to fine NIS 7 million

The Ashdod refinery caused air pollution: expected to be fined NIS 7 million – The Ministry of Environmental Protection to the company for its intention to impose a financial sanction for various violations of the conditions of the emission permit and irregularities in surprise sampling and continuous monitoring in the plant's chimneys. This is according to an article published on the Calcalist website. Sharon Mark: "The environmental struggle of my friends and myself is bearing fruit." Ashdod10 News

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The struggle against the waste plant in Shafdan: NIS 60,000 transferred before the High Court of Justice

The struggle against the waste plant in Shafdan: NIS 60,000 was transferred before the High Court of Justice. The Rishon LeZion Municipality and the "Rishonim Fight for the Environment in Rishon LeZion" association continue the struggle against the construction of the waste plant near the Shafdan. The Rishon Fund has already assisted with tens of thousands of shekels to continue the struggle against the legal step filed by the High Court of Justice. Myint Rishon LeZion.

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"Poisoning 300,000 people": demonstration outside the polluting plant

Dozens of residents of the Gezer, Ramle and Lod Regional Council and activists from the Green Trend organization demonstrated outside the Nesher Cement Company in Ramle. Serious concern: Plant deviations from the exhaust facilities cause health damage to the public. The protesters called for the establishment of a monitoring station and the publication of transparent reports to the public.

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The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environmental Protection report exceptional results in water sampling to examine the state of pollution in rivers in the north

The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environmental Protection inform the traveling public and the regional and local councils of exceptional results in water sampling carried out to examine the state of pollution in streams in the north. Tests for bacteria in samples from September 4, 2023 found results in several streams in the north that exceeded the Ministry of Health's recommendations (400 fecal coli per 100 ml) and indicate the presence of contamination in the water.

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The Treasury's Small Fund: A Fund of the Ministry of Environmental Protection May Fund Financing the Reserve Grants

The government may use NIS 1.4 billion from the ministry's cleaning fund to finance the increase in reservists' compensation. The money will be transferred to the treasury as a temporary loan and will return to the ministry in the future. The Minister of Environmental Protection demanded that a discussion be held before the decision to use the funds from the fund over the head of the ministry.

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