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AI-Empowered CRM & Marketing Solution

Our platform was built to support the hiring needs of any team, from startup to large enterprise

Get Introduction

For Startups & Businesses
Those are want to learn more before proceeding

$ 0
/ Free
  • Get a Pack of Essential Resources
  • Get access to Marketing Documents
  • Get a Free Demo to see it on aciton
  • Learn the basics
  • Get high priority support
  • Get access to marketing content and sucssus stories
  • Get meeting call for getting started

Professional HubSpot CRM Suite Plan

For Medium-Sized Businesses
For Startups & Small Teams

$ 1600
/ Monthly
  • Marketing Hub Professional Includes 2,000 marketing contacts
  • Sales Hub Professional Includes 5 paid users
  • Service Hub Professional Includes 5 paid users
  • CMS Hub Professional
  • Operations Hub Professional
  • Commerce Hub

HubSpot Enterprise CRM Full Pack Plan

For Companies, Startups & Large Businesses

$ 5000
/ Monthly
  • Marketing Hub Enterprise Includes 10,000 marketing contacts
  • Sales Hub Enterprise Includes 10 paid users
  • Service Hub Enterprise Includes 10 paid users
  • CMS Hub Enterprise
  • Operations Hub Enterprise
  • Commerce Hub
HubSpot Enterprise
Robust All-In-One AI-Empowered Full Enterprise Suite. Get the full power of knowledge combined with automations, workflows, sequences, and much more
HubSpot Professional
Best for Businesses, Companies, Running a big Scale Marketing Campaigns. Also good for Entrepreneurs and Influencers
HubSpot Trial
Get a glimpse - watch the Demo and get resources, read our documents to understand the concept, and find out why HubSpot is the best solution for you

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Common Questions

Not sure what is the best choice for you? We can help you! just fill out the form, leave your details, and we will be right back with recommendations relevant to you.

Sure, we are here to help you to get your new platform installed and running at full capacity. Just send us a message a link to contact us

myHerb and his team are ready to help you with every question and the setup process of HubSpot. As a Partner this is our mission to get you through the setup phase and get the platform running.

You can start with a trial, see wath fit your needs the best and decide. This is the purpose of the Trial period: test the platform for free to avoid further cancellation. 

HubSpot provides the option to cancel your plan; for more information, we will contact HubSpot to help you with the process

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Automation and Integrative Solutions for HubSpot

Get free marketing solutions from Zapier. myHerb is a Developer partner of Zapier; look at our published template integrating HubSpot with Zendesk.

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