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Partners and Affiliates Showcase

Discover the incredible network of partners and affiliates supporting myherb's sustainability mission.

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The myHerb Partners Network

"Spearheaded by Aaron Levin, it is crucial in expanding the reach and functionality of myHerb's services."

By collaborating with a diverse range of partners across various industries, myHerb can offer its users a more comprehensive and integrated experience.

Let's delve into the details of this network, highlighting some of the most prominent partners and the value they bring.

Featured Partners:

  • Jotform: Streamlining data collection and form creation for myHerb users.

  • HubSpot: Enhancing marketing and sales efforts through automation and CRM tools.

  • Shopify: Powering e-commerce capabilities for seamless online sales.

  • Atlassian Marketplace: Integrating myHerb with popular Atlassian products like Jira and Confluence.

  • Slack: Facilitating efficient team communication and collaboration.

  • Zapier: Automating workflows and connecting myHerb with various other apps.

Partner Network Structure:

The document outlines a comprehensive list of partners categorized by type (Affiliate or Partner), priority level, industry, and critical details such as affiliate links, payout terms, and promotional assets.

This structure demonstrates a well-organized and strategic approach to partner management.

Partner Diversity:

The network boasts a diverse range of partners, covering various aspects of business operations, including:

Benefits of the Partner Network:

  • Enhanced Functionality: Partners contribute additional features and tools to myHerb's offerings, providing a more comprehensive user experience.

  • Increased Reach: Collaborations with partners expose myHerb to new audiences and potential customers.

  • Improved Brand Awareness: Partnerships with established brands enhance myHerb's credibility and market visibility.

  • Streamlined Workflows: Integrations with various tools enable automation and improve operational efficiency.

  • Commitment to Sustainability: Partnering with eco-conscious organizations demonstrates myHerb's dedication to environmental responsibility.


The myHerb Partner Network exemplifies a strategic and successful approach to collaboration within the business landscape.

By joining forces with various partners, myHerb can expand its reach, enhance its functionality, and solidify its position as a comprehensive solution provider. The network's diversity reflects a commitment to meeting users' multifaceted needs and contributing to a more sustainable future.

myHerb: Affiliate & Partners Network - Updated with Segment

The myHerb by Aaron Levin network continues to grow, with the recent addition of Segment by Twilio as a partner. Let's update the information to reflect this:

Most Featured Partners:

  • Jotform: The go-to platform for creating online forms, surveys, and data collection tools.

  • HubSpot: A comprehensive CRM and marketing automation platform for marketing, sales, service, and operations.

  • Shopify: The leading e-commerce platform for building and managing online stores.

  • Atlassian Marketplace: The hub for apps and plugins enhancing Atlassian products like Jira and Confluence.

  • Slack: The popular team communication platform facilitating collaboration and information sharing.

  • Zapier: The powerful automation tool connecting various apps and services to streamline workflows.

  • Segment by Twilio: A customer data platform (CDP) helping businesses collect, unify, and activate their customer data.

Benefits of Segment by Twilio:

Segment's addition to the myHerb network brings valuable benefits to customers:

  • Unified Customer View: Collect and centralize customer data from various sources, creating a single, comprehensive view of each customer.

  • Data Activation: Leverage customer insights to personalize marketing campaigns, improve customer experiences, and make data-driven decisions.

  • Enhanced Analytics: Gain deeper understanding of customer behavior and preferences through advanced analytics capabilities.

  • Simplified Data Management: Streamline data collection and integration processes, reducing complexity and saving time.

How Segment by Twilio Complements myHerb:

  • Improved Customer Insights: Combining myHerb data with data from other sources provides a more complete picture of customer interactions and preferences.

  • Personalized Marketing: Leverage customer data to tailor marketing campaigns and deliver more relevant experiences.

  • Enhanced Targeting & Segmentation: Create precise customer segments based on comprehensive data, enabling targeted campaigns and personalized communication.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Utilize customer insights to inform business decisions and optimize marketing strategies.

With the inclusion of Segment by Twilio, the myHerb partner network further expands its capabilities, offering even more powerful tools and solutions to help businesses succeed.

About myHerb Partner Network: A Thriving Ecosystem for Business Growth

The myHerb Partner Network, established by Aaron Levin, is a dynamic and expanding ecosystem designed to empower businesses with a comprehensive range of solutions and services.

By collaborating with leading companies across diverse industries, the network provides access to cutting-edge tools, technologies, and expertise, enabling businesses to streamline operations, optimize marketing efforts, and achieve sustainable growth.

Key Features of the Network:

  • Diversity: The network encompasses a wide variety of partners and affiliates, covering areas like software, e-commerce, marketing, AI, analytics, productivity, and communication. This diversity ensures that businesses can find solutions tailored to their specific needs and industry.

  • Prominent Partners: myHerb collaborates with renowned companies such as Jotform, HubSpot, Shopify, Atlassian Marketplace, Slack, Zapier, and Segment by Twilio. These partnerships offer access to industry-leading tools and platforms, enhancing business capabilities and driving success.

  • Comprehensive Solutions: The network provides access to a wide array of solutions, including online form builders, CRM and marketing automation platforms, e-commerce tools, project management software, communication platforms, and customer data platforms. This comprehensive approach ensures businesses can find the tools they need to optimize every aspect of their operations.

  • Enhanced Functionality: Integrations and partnerships within the network extend the core functionality of myHerb, providing additional features, capabilities, and value to users. This allows businesses to achieve more with their existing tools and streamline workflows.

  • Expert Support: Partner companies within the network offer expertise and support in their respective areas, ensuring businesses receive guidance and assistance whenever needed.

Benefits for Businesses:

  • Access to Leading Technologies: Leverage cutting-edge tools and platforms from industry leaders to optimize operations and improve efficiency.

  • Enhanced Customer Insights: Gain deeper understanding of customers through comprehensive data analysis and customer data platforms.

  • Personalized Marketing: Utilize customer insights to create targeted marketing campaigns and deliver personalized experiences.

  • Streamlined Workflows: Connect various apps and services through automation tools and integrations, reducing manual tasks and saving time.

  • Increased Productivity: Optimize processes and improve team collaboration with project management and communication tools.

  • Sustainable Growth: Achieve long-term success by leveraging the expertise and support of partner companies within the network.

The myHerb Partner Network is more than just a collection of companies; it's a thriving ecosystem that fosters collaboration, innovation, and growth.

By joining this network, businesses gain access to a wealth of resources and support, empowering them to reach their full potential and achieve sustainable success.Write your text here...

”One product is a new tree on the earth: by Tree-Nation. myHerb Sustainable Partner.”

Tree-Nation, a partner of myHerb, has introduced a new sustainable product to the market, a tree that will help to replenish the earth's forests. This innovative initiative aims to combat deforestation and promote environmental conservation. The new tree will contribute to a greener planet, provide a habitat for wildlife, and help reduce carbon emissions.

By partnering with Tree-Nation, myHerb is taking a step towards a more sustainable future, supporting the efforts to reforest our planet and combat climate change. This new addition to their product line reflects myHerb's commitment to environmental stewardship and their dedication to positively impacting the world.

With the introduction of this new tree, myHerb and Tree-Nation are working together to create a greener and healthier planet for future generations.

”Every day, they strive to improve their service to the clients by developing the right blend of technology and creativity to make sure every job done is done as efficiently as possible.”

- Brian Moten

About Our Partners and Affiliates

Discover the network of partners and affiliates who support myherb data-driven sustainability. Collaborating with like-minded organizations allows us to make a greater impact on the environment and communities we serve.

Castmagic partner with myHerbCastmagic partner with myHerb
myHerb Data-Driven Sustainability has genuinely changed the game for our business. Their impressive list of partners and affiliates has helped us achieve our sustainability goals. I highly recommend it!

Impressive Sustainability Partners