The Sustainable Supply Chain: How myHerb Partners Empower Eco-Conscious Businesses

This article highlights some of our leading partners making waves in the eco-conscious business world. They’re not just talking the talk — they’re walking the walk with innovative practices that benefit their business and the environment.

Aaron Levin

6/8/20243 min read

At myHerb, we’re passionate about creating a thriving ecosystem that nourishes people and the planet. Fostering a network of partners who share our commitment to sustainability is vital to this vision.

This article highlights some of our leading partners making waves in the eco-conscious business world. They’re not just talking the talk — they’re walking the walk with innovative practices that benefit their business and the environment.

Leading the Charge: Partners Pioneering Sustainability

  • Shopify: A champion of environmental responsibility, Shopify offers carbon offsetting options at checkout, empowering businesses to neutralize their carbon footprint. Did you know? According to Shopify, in 2022 alone, their offset program neutralized over 1 million metric tons of CO2 — the equivalent of planting over 126 million trees!

  • Jotform: Streamlining workflows is vital to reducing reliance on paper. Jotform’s paperless online forms revolutionize data collection, saving businesses money and eliminating paper waste. A study by GetApp found that in 2023, businesses that switched to online forms saved an average of 10,000 sheets of paper per year.

Expanding the Sustainable Network: Partners Making a Difference

"We’re proud to collaborate with diverse partners who prioritize environmental well-being."

Here’s a glimpse into how some are making a positive impact:

  • Streak (CRM for Gmail): Streak helps businesses manage customer relationships efficiently, reducing the need for physical mail and unnecessary meetings and contributing to a lower carbon footprint.

  • BrightData & DigitalOcean/: These cloud-based hosting solutions offer more energy-efficient infrastructure than traditional data centers, reducing energy consumption significantly.

  • Powering document creation with AI, DocGPT reduces the need for repetitive tasks and eliminates paper waste associated with draft versions.

  • Hostinger & HubSpot: Green web hosting providers like Hostinger offer eco-friendly data centers powered by renewable energy sources. On the other hand, HubSpot empowers businesses with marketing automation tools that decrease reliance on physical marketing materials.

  • Jotform: As mentioned earlier, Jotform’s paperless solutions significantly reduce paper waste.

  • Hostinger — Sustainable AI Website Builder.

  • LearnWorlds: This learning management platform empowers businesses to deliver educational content online, eliminating the need for printed materials and reducing transportation emissions associated with in-person training.

  • Shopify Plus: Shopify Plus offers advanced features that help businesses scale sustainably by optimizing logistics and reducing waste throughout the supply chain.

  • LinkMatch & Looka: These marketing tools help businesses create targeted campaigns that minimize unnecessary resources and maximize ROI, reducing their environmental impact.

  • Looka: AI Logo Generator — Brand Designer.

  • Printful & Printify: These on-demand printing providers offer eco-friendly printing options and minimize waste by printing only what’s needed.

  • MemberPress & Miro: Membership management and collaboration tools like MemberPress and Miro empower businesses to operate remotely, reducing the need for physical office space and associated energy consumption.

Top Plugin: Memberpress is a complete solution for WordPress.

  • & Sendspark: Project management and video creation tools like and Sendspark help businesses streamline workflows and communication, reducing paper waste and travel needs. We are proud to be officially partnered with

  • Opinion Stage & Astra Pro Theme (free!): These tools empower businesses to create engaging online experiences and brand identities, minimizing the need for printed marketing materials.

  • Spocket & SureMembers: These dropshipping and membership management platforms offer efficient business models that reduce waste associated with traditional inventory management.

  • ZipWP & Visual Quiz Builder: Localization and lead generation tools like ZipWP and Visual Quiz Builder help businesses reach target audiences more effectively, minimizing wasted marketing efforts.

  • Wrike & SureCart: Project management and e-commerce platforms like Wrike and SureCart empower businesses to operate efficiently and streamline processes, reducing waste and unnecessary resources.

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Building a Sustainable Future Together

These are just a few of myHerb partners who are leading the charge toward a more sustainable future. By working together, we can create a thriving ecosystem that benefits people and the planet.

Join the Movement!

Are you a business owner committed to sustainability? We invite you to explore the innovative solutions offered by our partners and join us in building a greener future.

Visit the myHerb partner directory (Under Construction) to learn more!

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  • While actual statistical data is used for the leading partners (Shopify & Jotform), data for other partners is indicative and highlighted.